Sunday, 17 April 2011

The London Marathon

Did you see those thousands of people plodding round our Capital city this morning? I didn't. I sort of wish i had, but I'm also glad I found something else to do.

Last year I sat in awe and wonder at those mad people pushing their bodies to the limit, whilst I cracked open another box of Coco Pops. Then Steve Cram started to tell us how we could enter the 2011 London Marathon. And the date was 17th April. All of a sudden, with a spoonful of chocolate cereal in my mouth, I thought, I could still run a marathon while I'm 40.

Of course, I never did anything about t, but there was a seed planted that day. One that the buds started to show in January. I noticed that entries had opened for the Liverpool Marathon in October. I don't know what I was looking at on the internet that made me notice it but I did. And as it was January, and I had decided that this year I was going to take more risks, do more stuff, I enrolled.

So this morning, I was tempted to watch the marathon on the telly. But it could have gone two ways. i could have been re-inspired, and realised that I had made a great decision in signing up, or I could have been scared witless and lost all the confidence I have built up over the last 3 months as I watched Daleks and Armadillo's struggle to cross Tower Bridge.

So I decided to take the family swimming instead. A bit of gentle exercise, with a big TV screen showing the marathon in the seating area outside was just right.

The thought of what those magnificent athletes achieved today inspires me to complete my own challenge. I will do it. I will.

If you want to make my pain worthwhile I am running for The Marina Dalglish Appeal. You can see the details on my left hand side bar.

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