Run Fat Boy Run - The Diary of a Would be Marathon Runner

Date 19th January 2011. Made a big decision. This page will keep you up to date with everything that happens as far as my training for the 2011 Liverpool Marathon on 9th October 2011 goes. Any support you can give will be gladly received.

22nd January 2011: - Got myself some new running shoes (note NOT trainers). Posted pic as a Silent Sunday post on Mocha Beanie Mummy's Blog. Got quite a good response. Thanks.

24th January 2011: - Training has started. A gentle 1.5 mile circuit in the dark with Bucks Fizz in my ears. Did it in 14 minutes which might sound very slow to you but is about 6 minutes faster than I expected.

24th January 2011: - In other news, I set up my justgiving page and have announced my chosen charity. I will be running for the Marina Dalglish Appeal and you can support me by clicking here. Thanks

26th January 2011: - So three days in and I have been out for a run every night so far. I say run. I still do a bit of walking but I can feel the improvement. Yesterday mt breathing seemed to have become a little easier and today, even though my legs felt heavy to start off with, they didn't feel to bad when I got back. My times are falling a little. I did have to go out to help my M-I-L celebrate her birthday so the run was late and on a fuller stomach than I would have liked, but I still did it,my time wasn't as bad as i expected and I didn't get a stitch. All good I think.

3rd February: - Sorry it's been almost a week but I've been a bit busy. The good news is other than my designated rest day, i have been running every day since I set off on my training schedule. I am still keeping myself to the mile and a half circuit to try to persuade my body that I mean this to be a long term thing. I have had a 12 minute 26 second circuit but I have started to feel the burn a bit this week. My body has decided that if I am doing this every night then it had better get prepared. And while its doing that it's going to make my legs feel like they've got my children attached to them. I have been keeping a steady 13.25 mins for most of the week but tonight went sub 13 minutes again, and have you seen the wind and rain? Jeremy Clarkeson would definitely have given me a wet lap time had I been in a reasonably priced car. It's my rest night tomorrow (I'm off out) so no running for me but will be back on track over the weekend and I'm hoping to get a bit of cycling in as well (still got the saddle soreness from last week to).

6th February:  It's been a funny day.  You can read most of it on my main blog page, but it was a day that inspired me. After going sub 13 mins on Thursday I was due for a rest day Friday because I was going out. I had the rest day but had to stay home after all. So Saturday I picked up where I left off and did another sub 13 minutes. I was delighted. Then today came and I decided to go out for a bike ride. As anyone who did the Southport Mad Dog 10 k today will testify, it was more than a bit blowy. And it certainly put my legs to the test. I was in awe of those that completed the run today in those conditions. It made me all the more determined to meet my marathon challenge head on. And as today was the main reason behind why I have chosen The Marina Dalglish Appeal as my charity, and her husband inspired the other love of my life to a historic victory, I was inspired to go out in the persistent rain for another circuit. My legs were again heavy after my exertions on the bike, but I didn't want to fail today of all days. And I didn't fail. In fact, for the first time since I started two weeks ago, I made it round my mile and a half circuit in under 12 minutes. 11 minutes 40 seconds was my time. But more than that. Today was the first time I made it round without having to walk any of the distance. Today I am proud of myself. I pushed myself that bit further and i had the right answers. I think i might just be able to do this.