Monday, 22 August 2011


1989 Mid April. It was a day that the sun shone but it would be shrouded in darkness. Men, women and children journeyed for a noisy celebration of sporting achievement. Most would return in stunned silence. Ninety six would not return at all.

Underneath the Main Stand, row upon row of broken bodies waited for someone to cry over them, stand up for them, protect and honour them. Who would do that?

For over 22 years, the call for truth has been heard from all corners, all terraces and stands, but the authorities still refuse their pleas for dignity, honesty.

This was written from the prompt of ...the sun shone but... set by Julia at The Head's Office. Head over there for some other fabulous interpretations of the prompt. You can support the call for justice by signing the e-petition on the governments website.


  1. Oh Ian this is brilliant writing. I know it is a subject close to your heart but this piece has an objectivity to it that is really deep. Thank you for sharing an emotional memory that I know is still so close.x

  2. Justice for the 96 - YWNA  xxx

  3. wow! i'd be interested to know why this is so close to your heart. brilliant that you manged to tie this in with something that really affects you.  made me think about where i was when it happened although i was only 9 I can remember it clear as day!

  4. Thanks Julia. Good news is that the petition has reached the 100,000 needed to be considered for a debate in parliament.

  5. Thanks Jodie. It's so close to me because I was there that day. And the year before i was stood in the same pens watching the same two teams. You can read about my experiences of the day here.

    Thanks for your comment

  6. Chilling reading.  This took me right back to the day I heard.