Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Here's another entry into Julia's 100 Word Challenge for Adults. This weeks prompt was, "...but I turned it off..." I suggest you pop over to Julia's Place where you can find all the much better attempts than this one.

 Every night Charlie heard the same words. He was eight now. A big boy. He didn’t need telling EVERY TIME that he shouldn’t leave things turned on. They had done about eco education at school and knew all about global warming.

So needless to say he was feeling very confused at the moment. What had he done wrong? He was just saving the planet for future generations. Well that is what Mr Ward had said about saving energy. So why was everyone so upset?

“But I turned it off”, he protested.

“But Grandad’s life support machine needs to stay on son”, replied his dad tearfully.


  1. Oh no, poor Charlie! Great surprise, I knew it was going to be something bad but had no clue what was coming.

  2. Oh no, poor Charlie (and Grandad) that would be a helluva thing to get over.

  3. I thought we were heading to a freezer disaster but it was much worse! Poor Charlie.

  4. Right to the solar plexus. Very strong.

  5. This made me smile. Poor Charlie, poor Grandad.

  6. Comedic horror - nice one.  Great voice in this piece.