Saturday, 22 January 2011

Run Fat Boy Run

Have you got a bucket list? You know, one of those lists of things to do before you die. I don't really although there are a couple of things that I would love to do.

I would love to see the sunset over Uluru (Ayres Rock). A sharp upturn in my financial fortunes and a conquering of my fear of flying is needed for that. But if the first one happens then I will ensure that my phobia doesn't prevent me from achieving that.

Last April was my 40th birthday. Around the same time I was sat at home watching the annual spectacle of thousands of professionals and amateurs taking in the sights of our capital on a Sunday morning. A caption caught my eye. "If you want to take part in next years event then go to this website...." Te bit that actually attracted my attention though was the date of the 2011 run. It was the day before my 41st birthday.

I think that is when the seed first started to germinate. "I could do this whilst I'm still 40". Of course, I did nothing about it. I never do. With other people, I would be prepared to go out of my way to help. But as far as me is concerned then the easy way used to win too often. If left with the two mini me's I would spend time planning and cooking their meal and then have a bowl of soup myself.

But as the clock ticked over from 2010 to 2011 I decided that this was the year that I would make things happen for me rather than waiting for them to happen to me. My professional life needs this attitude at the moment and so I need to have this in my head with everything I do.

I started by applying for a study course that will enhance my career prospects and booked myself onto a couple of conferences and workshops that will give me ideas for the future. But I needed a big statement for myself. Just to prove that I was committed to my future and that I was prepared to put the work in.

So on Wednesday I was dong a bit of surfing and saw a link to here. Now Liverpool hasn't held a full marathon for around 20 years but has been resurrected in the light of some of the successful events that Run Liverpool have held recently. This was it, I thought. This was the opportunity I had been looking for. I talked to Mrs S the next day and by Thursday evening I had signed up.

Now I hate running. I hate running with a passion. Unless there is a reason to run, like being late for the bus or getting the kids to school on time, then running is just like walking except with more breathlessness. And I have to be honest, my physical fitness isn't good. You don't want to see my Wii Fit Mii. It is very unflattering.

So this will be a real challenge. I have to go out to train when I would rather be at home watching The One Show (that's how much I dislike running).  I will start my training regime at the start of next week (only two days away) so I can have one last weekend taking my family to a family restaurant of their choice.

On October 9th, I will be setting of from Birkenhead Park (the model for Central Park in New York by the way) running underneath the Mersey and then heading up to a couple of other parks before crossing the line at The Pier Head 26.2 miles later.

Of course, all this is just to make sure I have something to blog about for the next nine months, and I will be keeping you up to date with my progress.

I hope to be able to let you know which charity I will be running for in the next week or so, and it would mean a great deal to me if you could support me in any way you can (it also means that I can't chicken out) so any tips on training, diet, mental toughening up or songs to put on the MP3 player are all welcome.

My first choice for the MP3 player is the first three "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" collections so in a very tenuous link, please enjoy the clip below.

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