Monday, 25 April 2011

TV Themes

As it is another three whole days that we have to wait for another four day weekend, I thought I would get the old grey matter working (or filling in the time at work between bank holidays) by putting together another little brain teaser.

So here are 10 TV Themes from a few years ago. How many can you name?

   Theme 1 by stromi

   Theme 2 by stromi

   Theme 3 by stromi

   Theme 4 by stromi

   Theme 5 by stromi

   Theme 6 by stromi

   Theme 7 by stromi

   Theme 8 by stromi

   Theme 9 by stromi

   Theme 10 by stromi

I'll reveal the answers on Friday evening while all the street parties are finally getting to the bit when the kids are sent to bed and the adults sit around in deck chairs with a crate of beer in the paddling pool keeping cool and the barbeque just about to set the bunting on fire. If you want to send me your guesses then I will give honourable mentions to anyone who gets most of them correct.

The themes are hosted at If any of the copyrights holders of the tunes would like me to remove their work, then please contact me on the e-mail address for the competition.

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