Sunday, 23 August 2009

Where dd that go?

It's only a week and a half before the kids go back to school and we never got round to going camping like I wanted to do.

Where does the time go to? It only seems like last week that I was looking forward to purchasing a tent and spending every weekend of the summer under canvass.

Did we get a tent? No

Did we borrow a tent and try camping out for a day or two? No.

Will we before the end of the summer holidays? Unlikely as we have too much to do before the kids go back to school, including buying birthday presents for mini me 1. It is also mini me 2's first time in nursery so we have to prepare for that (both us and the school knowing him).

So what did we do with the precious summer? Well Mrs NB decided to spend most of my two week break in her sick bed so it was a bit like being a single parent of three unruly toddlers (to be fair mini me 1 was fine and Mrs NB was alept like a baby. waking me up every 20 minutes).

We still made it to a few nice places in Yorkshire, Lancashire and North Wales (where the dinosaurs had disappeared).

So we go back to routine soon and look farward to our Southern sojurn at the end of October, which will be upon us before we can sneeze judging by the speed that time goes by now.

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