Wednesday, 12 May 2010

All Change

Due to a number of reasons (including an intermittent flirtation with white porcelain) I have been semi absent from my usual social media outlets for a week or so.However, I am now fully recovered and raring to go.

Have I missed anything?

For a few weeks now we have been without our big telly that is connected to our Sky dish. Unlike the Royle family we decided to try and live without it for a while. We still had the small telly connected to the freeview box in the extension for emergencies, and the mini mi's still had a DVD/portable to keep them going with CBeebies Party and Alvin and the Chipmunks (The Squeakquel).

Overall, we felt that we had done OK to start with and we read more nooks than had been consumed in the previous period, I was reacquainted with some excellent radio programming (and some rubbish too) and we even talked about redecorating the house and refurbishing the kitchen. Just talking was a nice step forward. It made us realise how much the telly had take over our lives.

Of course there was Facebook and Twitter. We both regularly partook in the virtual world, particularly if one was watching the box and the other didn't fancy the programme (No. Not always football).

After a while, though, we found ourselves spending a bit more time in the extension, watching the small telly. At first it was just Ashes to Ashes. We had watched all the Life on Mars series on DVD in the run up to the new series, just to remind us how good it was (we did intend to watch the Ashes to Ashes series as well but that was curtailed by broken equipment).

Once we had realised that the small telly was just the telly we used to have before we got the big one and it had been perfectly adequate until then, we stared to use it a bit more. We watched other programmes like Time Team, Outnumbered and HIGNFY.

All of a sudden we realised that the big telly had wide screen so we were missing half the programmes we were watching any way. And we hadn't used the Wii since the telly had been broke and we hadn't even got the Wii Fit out of the box. So we decided we would have the big telly fixed. Except it couldn't be fixed. it was dead, bereft of life it rested in pieces. It was an ex telly.

Ho hum. So off we went to our local electrical retailers and saw the very monster for us. I've never had it so big (careful). After a few trips between stores I eventually persuaded one of the men in the bright orange shirts that the bloke next door would sell me that monster for £80 cheaper than he would. After popping next door, he offered to give me it for 20% off saving me even more money.

So we now have the monster in the corner. I am sure it will need to be hung (hanged) at some point in the future. Wii and Wii Fit are already much more fun. And we have agreed to only watch the stuff we want to watch and not keep flicking when there is nothing on
Hopefully, we will stick to the change in our lifestyle.I think we can. it has been a revelation and i still like to put the radio on in the evening and get a book out to read. But the temptation is back. I promise to spend more time away from the new technology.

When does the World Cup start?

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