Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Musical Mind Miners.

Music is one of those things that brings out emotions in every one. Different genres for different people but There isn't a person on the planet who doesn't like any music at all.

For some though it goes beyond just a pleasant sound that makes you feel better than you would without it. And most people will admit to having a little space in their soul for one or two pieces or styles of music. Whether that is percussion from a far off island or a number one in fifty seven nations pop charts, everyone has a sound that strikes a chord.

Every now and again there comes a song that I love. You know the type, you go out (or more commonly nowadays log on) and buy the 7 inch, album, cassette, CD, mini disk, mp3 (delete as appropriate to your age), rush home and play it to death.

I had one of those Dancette record players when I was young. I've still got one, so that I can still play my vinyl, although the vinyl hasn't quite all survived in the condition I would have hoped. I didn't have one that would auto start back at the beginning when it reached the end of a record, rather it just carried on clicking and ruining the needle until I stopped it myself. Of course this wasn't a problem when you knew exactly where the fade ended the recod and could swiftly return the arm to the outer edges of the black plastic to listen again.

Cassettes were worse of course. The track I wanted to hear again and again was invariably in the middle of one side or the other and to appease the boredom of rewinding and fast forwarding to the correct spot to play it again, I used to count the "seconds" until the right moment. The dark nights just flew by in Chez Stromi. Even on the rare occasion when it was track one that was on repeat in my head, there was still the little bit of clear tape that seemed to take an era to pass through the playing head until the sound came out.

The digital age put an end to all this inconvenience, and even though we said at the time, it wouldn't be the same listening in near perfect clarity and we liked the atmospere and character of playing records, the relentless march of technology soon put those thoughts to bed.

Any way, that was a long winded introduction into playing you my top 5 songs that were on repeat in my head. Starting with the first record I ever bought for myself.

 Not only did I wear the black of this record, I also made my dad spend an absolute fortune by putting it on the Juke box in the camp club when on holiday in Bude that year.

Number two is by a band who's lead singer, I was lucky enough to interview and it has to be said that talking to Garry Christian  was like chatting to your mates in the pub.

It is one of those songs that made me go out and buy the album because I liked the song so much. Luckily, I hit the jackpot and the album was a superb collection of sound that made me think and dance and sing. I still put the album on regulaly and is my first collection of listening choice when I am in full on decorating mode.

The next one is a strange choice in that I never actually bought this song but I played it and played it on my hospital radio programmes, and it eventually became the anthem of my 21st birthday.

Number 4 isn't related to any specific memory. It's just a song that got into my head. This song was played so often that it did wear the vinyl of my mind out and I couldn't listen to it for a long time. I can now enjoy it as the great pice of music that it is. The therapy did work.

These tracks are in chronological order rather than any other ranking, so the most recent song that was trapped in my psyche was the first outing from Amy McDonald.

It was another that persuded me to invest in the full album and again I wasn't disappointed (Don't mention David Gray).

So what would be in your list of tunes that you have broken the repeat button with? Maybe you could transfer your choice into my brain.

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