Sunday, 15 August 2010

Long Weekend

Why can't I do it twice in a row? Is age catching up with me that quickly. I used to have more energy and could possibly go pretty much all weekend but nowadays just once and I'm done for.

I love taking the family out for days. We had a great day yesterday. We went to have a Day Out With Thomas at Llangollen in North Wales. Having previously spent a day at Bolton Abbey with said engine, we had an idea what to expect and it was certainly a packed day. The journey there took an hour and a half and then we had a train ride there and back again (to see how far it was. Oh and a puppet show) which took another hour and a half. Then there was the shuttle journeys pulled by Thomas sitting in Clarabelle, Rickety or Toad. Include the two hour long colouring, playing, watching, face painting and playdoughing session and add half an hour for lunch, you can see that it isn't the most relaxing of days.

So another hour and a half journey back for tea wasn't what I wanted so we decided to find somewhere a bit more local to eat. Of course, I fell for that old tourist belief that everywhere in North Wales was right next to each other.

This added another 45 minutes onto our journey before ending up in Prestatyn. But to get there we went over the Horseshoe Pass which is as stunning a road to drive as any you will see featured on a Top Gear challenge. Like the Horseshoe Pass in a snowstorm, the food in Prestatyn was passable with care, but we had a wander round the beach area. it was quite like going to Maplins but with a much improved coastal defence wall and Health and Safety regulated playgrounds for the kids.

After the pre-requisite ice cream (we have learned that we only need to buy two now), we decided to make our way home with another 90 minute trek.

So waking up this morning brought relief that i had turned down the opportunity to go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and instead opted for the nice comforting, relaxing start to the Premiership Season at Anfield.

I'll be watching in the pub.

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