Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Back in the saddle again

Well I've been back home from our Southern jaunt for a couple of days now. How long do you give yourself to get back in the old routine? It was back to work and school today which always acts like the bump when you hit the ground. Ideally you hit the ground running but that never happens to me. You always miss more than just the work when you've been away from the office and just catching up takes more time than you realise.

Mini Me 1 finds a comfy spot to contemplate
So how relaxing was the holiday? We don't tend to do relaxing. With a 7 year old and a 4 year old it is more a case of ensuring there is enough stuff to fill the bits that they aren't asleep. But that's more than fine by me. I've never been one to sit and do nothing on a beach all day. I've got a garden or a living room that I can do that in. I visit places to do things I can't (or possibly won't) do at home. The nearest we got to doing nothing was a few snatched moments when the mini's where devouring a snack and we could just appreciate the sunset over the River Fal.

Today hit me like a juggernaut. Since we returned, we have had parties, visits and Halloween to contend with as well as the unpacking and the realisation that we weren't prepared for life at home. So provisioning and tidying was hastily arranged to fit in with all the other commitments meaning it's only now that I get to reflect on the one week of the year that I get to spend exclusively with my family.

So while I was away I had plenty of ideas of subjects I wanted to write about, ideas I needed to express and anecdotes I wanted to share. I have now bought myself a notebook to make sure that these are recorded for posterity in the future. There will be more in the coming weeks, my memory does have a tendancy to impart it's recordings at the most inopportune of times, but in the meantime I need to catch up on reading all the things that I've missed in the last week.

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