Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Retro Adverts

It's funny what you think about whilst discussing things at work. A colleague mentioned that she would have to "start all over again". I have been having earworms for quite a few days now. Strangely, the most recent one has been Misty by Ray Stevens and didn't it get played on the radio this morning.

I digress. My colleagues words inspired another earworm. Not this time a Frank Sinatra classic about dusting yourself down. No. I remembered a TV advert from the 80's selling tea, with the catchy lyrics "Pick yourself up. Enjoy a fresh cup. And start all over again". I still haven't found which tea it's for but on my searches, I have found a few classic adverts from my youthful days and thought I would challenge you to see if you can name the products.

So have a listen to the clips below (hosted at soundcloud.com) and see how many you remember. Answers will be here from Saturday (stick pins in my fingernails if I forget).

  Retro Adverts by stromi

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