Sunday, 22 May 2011

Single parent for a day? Not really

So, last weekend was a new experience for me. Mrs S was away for a couple of nights so it was me and the mini me's against the world.

I thought it was going to be like being a single parent for the weekend. I soon learnt that in fact it was nothing like that. If anything it was more like being a weekend dad without the heartache of having to give the kids back at the end of the custody time. We got to go on a couple of outings to a couple of local events and eat at family friendly restaurants each evening. We even stayed up late watching popular telly (shhh don't tell mum) but my experience wasn't one of a single parent at all.

All the work stuff had already been done. The school uniforms were ready for Monday, all the washing and ironing that needed doing had been done, the shopping was done and the tidying in the house.... well let's just say that it was no worse than usual. I have to say that I do do my share of the household chores. Shopping, ironing, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen and hoovering are all my jobs and the dishes are a shared responsibility.

But I do have a new respect for those who have to run a house and entertain children without the back up of a partner. The fact that we share most of the burden of household drudgery means that we can also share in the pleasure of spending quality time with the children, and if the drudgery time started to seep over into the quality time due to the fact that I had to do it all myself, I am not sure how I would feel about that. Would I feel resentful? Possibly angry. Almost certainly knackered.

Mrs S returned on Monday afternoon with presents for the mini's (shower gel and soap nicked from the hotel probably, just what a 5 year old always wanted) and while we had enjoyed the weekend even though she wasn't around, I certainly appreciated the partnership we have built together because of the experience.

Now, where can I send her for another weekend away so I can do all the fun things with the kids again?

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