Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Perfect Album

Big Time Rush on the telly, Balamory on the DVD upstairs and Mrs S on the computer. All this meant that I was able to slip on the Technics headphones and settle down to a proper listen to some music.

But what to listen to? We haven't fully bought into the digital experience as yet. We have mp3 players and some music on the computer, but I still like having a small piece of plastic to prove I've bought the music I am listening to (plus I do like to read the credits and sleeve notes, not that you get them much any more). Our CD collection is quite extensive though and there was a lot to choose from. We have embraced the compilation album to it's full potential and have quite a few of the "every home has a copy" albums.But there is one album that I keep going back to again and again for different reasons.

I put it on again yesterday, and the fact that I was wearing headphones gave the sounds coming from our stereo a different perspective. It makes you appreciate the production as well as the artistic side. The album I put on yesterday was one I bought whilst a student doing A' Levels (which I failed by the way). It was when my interest in community issues was emerging and the lyrics in the songs spoke to me. But more than that, the songs were pleasant on the ears as well.

Yesterday, as I was listening, I realised just how much more there was to my perfect album. The harmonisation and the variety of instruments gave the album an added dimension that I had previously overlooked.

My perfect album is The Christians eponymous first album. It was released in 1987 and reached number 2 in the album charts. The Christians were 3 brothers from Liverpool (actually, lead singer Garry was born in the same hospital as me, just outside Liverpool) and an adopted Scouser from Hull. The Christian brothers (yes it was their surname) were joined by Henry Christian Priestman, who had previously had hits with It's Immaterial and was the groups principal song writer. Garry's gives an unmistakable vocal performance to do plenty of justice to Henry's exceptional lyrics.

The album sold over a million copies (at least two to me, one vinyl and one CD) and spawned songs that hit the top twenty singles chart.

Ideal World was the biggest UK hit getting to number 14.

Let me share a couple of the other tracks with you .

and finally...

If you had an hour or so to relax and listen to just one album, which would you choose?

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