Saturday, 9 July 2011

Random Things That Make Me Smile #4

My daughter's smile.

Last night we took her to her first pop concert. Do you remember The Monkees. A boy band created especially for TV that went on to have successful recording career. Move on 50 years and welcome to the world of Big Time Rush.

They have now become four of the 33% of Americans that have a passport and sent their particular brand of teen heart throbiness across the pond. They landed at The Manchester Academy.

We spent an hour braving the heavy showers but even the huge droplets couldn't dampen the spirits of thousands of happy 7 to 15 year old girls. Mini me 1 was no exception, excitedly discussing favourite songs, band members, episodes and even moments of BTR.

There was a support act. They were a 21st century version of Bros, but with instruments. My daughter kept asking what everyone was screaming for. As soon as the headline act came on she fell in line with the rest of the audience and let her lungs get some exercise.

She was thrilled, enraptured and didn't even complain about the pins and needles in her foot until the concert was over.

Gibbering all the way back to the car and convinced that her favourite had waved directly to her, she eventually fell asleep with a happy smile on her face in the rear of the car.

I was more than a little dubious about taking her to the concert but it was one of the most magical experiences of my life. And it had nothing to do with the music but entirely down to the reaction of my big girl.

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