Monday, 26 May 2008

Ginger Ale and Double Deckers

This weekend was the Eurovision Song Contest. It always brings back memories of my childhood and can even be credited with the start of my sexual awakenings (Ah Bucks Fizz... you have a lot to answer for).

I can remember watching the contest on a Saturday night in April or May (it was so important that It was one of the few things I considered putting in my 5 year diary along with the anniversary of Albert Einstein's death).

My mum and dad always went out on a Saturday night and we were left in with the babysitter with a bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale to share and a triple pack of Cadbury Double Deckers.

It also reminds me of watching Paul Daniels Magic Show and Dallas. I'm sure my parents knew we were staying up later than we were supposed to.

So we came last (again) this year. All that political voting is to blame. So who thinks we should stop entering and let them get on with it. Well not me. We got 8 points from our neighbours in Ireland and also 6 points from San Marino. SAN MARINO. While I would like to thank San Marino for our points surely it shows that we have missed a trick. WE enter as the United Kingdom. Now surely if the Principality of San Marino can have their own entry then so can the Principality of Wales. If Wales can have an entry then so can the devolved powers of Scotland. Leaving England and Northern Ireland to have their own entries as well. The Isle of Man has it's own Parliament so they can enter their own song in the contest. And what about the Channel Isles? Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney (wasn't that one of The Wombles) and the Scilly Isles. That would start a fairly big block vote. If we then start making arrangements with other Western Europeans like France and Germany and take back the contest for those who pay for it.

Or we could just pull out of the contest and let Terry Wogan's wit go to waste. I know what I would choose.

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