Friday, 4 April 2008

Steven Gerrard - My part in his success

I was taking the bigger of the mini me's to Nursery this morning and when we got into the playground she was having a bit of a run round. As kids do. She nearly knocked over another parent taking his children to school. He was dressed in a posh pin stripe suit ( I guess he was off to the races). He just laughed and she kept running. It was as he was laughing that I recognised him as a former central defender for a northern football team with a regular Saturday TV slot (just enough ambiguity there I think).

I was quite surprised, and quite impressed that he would send his children to the same school that mine are going to. You always have an impression of well known people that they live in another world but obviously most of them are right down to earth.

I know you are only reading this because you googled Steven Gerrard's name and this came up on page 453, but I did have a small part in his success. I used to be an elected member of the council that ran the football pitches that were used as a home ground by Stevie G's youth team when he was playing for them. So I was one of the people that took the decision to fund the development of youth sport in our area and therefore by default, support the development of one of the best midfielders in the world.

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