Saturday, 24 July 2010

That Time of Year

So it’s that time of year again. St Swithin has blessed us with 40 days and 40 nights of torrential precipitation, the highwaqys department have started removing the tarmac from every trunk road and motorway in the country and  Tesco and Asda are bombarding us with “Back to School” ads.

School’s out for summer as one crazy dude (I’m down wid da kidz) once said and the parents nightmare of finding something to fill six weeks begins. Already one day in we have two new members of the family to welcome.

On the left is Woofy and on the right is Thomas. Mini me one was good enough to bring home Eddy the Teddy, the class bear, last weekend. It was our wedding anniversary so Eddy came with us everywhere. He walked for miles round Bolton Abbey and Wharfdale, he sat and read a story on the journey home and he even had his own seat, balloon and menu at the restaurant we went for a meal at. Of course, this meant heartbreak when he had to go back to school. For it was the last time Eddy would be able to stay as Mini Me one was going to have a new teacher come September.

Luckily, the two Mini Me’s had really good school reports. Can you have any bad ones in Infant school? So a trip to the build-A-Bear Workshop was promised to recreate Eddy. Hence the appearance of Woofy and Thomas at our dinner table tonight.

So only forty days left to fill. We’ve been invited to a christening tomorrow so that will take up a day. The excitement of food shopping might be sold to them as a fun filled day out as well.

So where else can we inflict on a 6 (nearly 7 you know) old and a 4 year old who starts fulltime school in September after only just getting used to part time nursery?

A season ticket to this fantastic sanctuary is a good place to start, and we have promised a couple of trips further afield, with the possibility of a spot of camping thrown in. I have got to use my hovercraft gift this summer so that will be a good excuse to throw up the tent.

Pennington Flash is another lovely day out and we have promised ourselves a visit to the dark side (of the Pennines) by popping to Fountains Abbey and taking in Thomas the Tank Engines visit to The Embsay Steam Railway.

MSF And Tobys First Day 054As music lovers we will be spending the August Bank Holiday in Liverpool City Centre where, come rain or shine (and last year it did rain, see the photo)  revellers will be entertained by the largest free music festival in Europe.

We’ve also been given some great local spots to visit by Kate at The Five Fs Blog that we are going to give a go. But any other suggestions would be welcomed.

So what have you got planned for the next few weeks? Does the summer fly for you or do you think that they should be back to school by the middle of August? And where does all that money go? Answer’s on a postcard from Marbella.

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