Friday, 27 August 2010


An autobiographical book by Nigel Slater, the TV cook, is entitled Toast. His book was about his life and the tastes that reminded him of various episodes in it. Toast cropped up a number of times.

Thornton Force
Today we (the mini me's and I) have been having a lazy day after we did some heavy duty walking in Ingleton, North Yorkshire yesterday. My 6 (nearly 7) year old daughter and, perhaps more impressively, my 4 year old son, both completed the 4 1/2 mile round walk which climbs to quite a high level before returning to the little village. Mrs S was due at work at 8 o'clock this morning but being the lovely mum that she is she offered to get the bus in for a change rather than waking up the two mini's. I felt duty bound as a good dad to accept the kind gesture, despite desperately wanting to offer her a lift to work as would normally be the case.

Today turned out to be another fairly bright and sunny day, so the mini's were asked what they would like to do. A trip to the park, a trip to the local wetlands trust at Martin Mere, perhaps a little shopping therapy? "Can we stay in and watch a movie and do some painting daddy?" What can you say to that other than "OK. Be quiet so that I can have a kip."

So a quiet day it has been. The biggest challenge of the day was dinner (that's lunch for any southerners that are confused). Cheese, ham, bread, salad all sorted for the mini's but what should I have. Nothing to taxing to make. Nothing that will need me wanting more as soon as I've finished.

Toast. Perfect. Just a couple of slices (OK. Four) into the toaster and wallop, 3 minutes 30 seconds later a warm, nutritious, delicious meal. Now what to have as a topping. Plenty of options were available but I was in a mood for uncomplicated food so, the toast rack and butter were the only accompaniment taken to the table, save for a steaming cup of tea.

I've discussed with friends in the past about the versatility of toast but as a little "market research" what is your favourite way of doing toast? What type of bread should be used? What toppings and spreads are simply delicious on a piece of twice cooked dough and what drink should be served on the side?

Coming soon - Biscuit of the Week.

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