Monday, 13 September 2010

Do I even need one?

I don't know why I have one let alone two. I hardly ever use either of them. Just in case, I suppose. But what if the "What If...." never happens?

So imagine my surprise when it happened today. Twice. One for each of them. You can imagine I wasn't expecting it at all. And as I was driving both times, there was every chance the shock could drive me off the road.

As I was driving I didn't answer either calls. I'm a good boy. And any way, my hands free sets are never plugged in because no one ever calls me.

I say never. That's not quite true. Occasionally a member of my family calls the mobile when I am in the house. WHEN I'M IN THE HOUSE. I have a landline which has nice clear connections. If I'm in the house, use the house phone to call me. If I don't answer the house phone, THEN use my mobile.

I have two mobile phones and as you may have guessed, I very rarely get a call on either one. I have a phone provided by work and I have a private mobile, so that I don't ever have to go through the inconvenience of highlighting my personal calls at work. Not that they are embarrassing. No calls to Manchester United Supporters Anonymous or the X Factor vote line. Just the odd chat line (do they still do those? Remember the adverts for those lines during The Hitman and Her and The James Whale Radio Show? "It's a party on the line!!!!!") In fact my last works phone bill was less than a pound.

My role at work has changed recently, hence the call whilst I was in transit today. I also had a call whilst I was at site as well so I am now starting to justify my having it.

My personal mobile gets even less use. I occasionally take photos with it. Oh and of course the little bit of Tweeting and Fbooking. I don't even get close to my monthly minutes or text allowance.

So why do I have one let alone two? Well, I suppose I have part been collared by the social necessity to have one and I do think that they can come in handy in an emergency. Why don't I use them more? I do resent all types of telephone in one way. I despise that it is so impolite. I am trying desperately to teach the mini me's that it is rude to interrupt when two people are talking to each other, but what they do pales into insignificance compared to the telephone indicating that someone wants to talk to me NOW!!!!. and if you read my personal confidence in you, you will know that I am not the interrupting kind. (Strangely the song on Spotify that has just come on is below. Spooky).

 We got by without a mobile phone before the mid 90's. Phone boxes did the trick. Many a happy hour spent queueing for the phone with your little bag of two pence pieces to talk to you new beau (who was obviously a cut above because they had a phone in their house). Obviously you couldn't spend all night chatting with a friend on the Asian subcontinent who could tell you how to sort out your broadband, but Astro Wars didn't need a super fast connection any way.

I'm sorely tempted to try to live without a mobile phone for a month or two to see how it goes. I have managed to get to September without Sky Sports this season so maybe I don't have the addictive nature that I thought I did.

Now, where's that large bag of Giant Cadbury Buttons.

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