Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Freaky Food

We've all got them. Those tasty combinations that seem weird to everyone else but you think is absolute perfection. Or those food foibles that only makes sense inside your head.

When I was much younger my brother , my cousin and I used to regularly visit our auntie and uncle on a Sunday afternoon. Half way through the visit we always stopped for a break. Our auntie was a great sport and we soon went from dipping our custard creams into our lemonade into competing to see who could make the most disgusting combo that they would finish.My concoction would always include a dash of Yorkshire Relish. I haven't had that for years.Where can I get it from now?

Even now I have my strange likes and dislikes. I can't eat cooked tomato skins. Unlike my mini me's I love tomatoes. I blame Lauren Child for their noses turning up at the moonsquirter. I only dislike the cooked skin. I don't think it tastes any different to when it is uncooked, but it is something I just can't take to. And it can cause a problem. Most of the tinned tomatoes that we use to make the pasta sauces have at least one tiny piece of tomato skin and I end up tiptoeing through the meal like I do when searching for fish bones.

And offal. What's that all about. Liver, kidney, heart. It's not right. It's got a strange texture and such a strong flavour that it overpowers everything. And pies just hide the awful offal. Oh and supermarket mince. Do you know what goes into that?

Do you know, it's a good job I've had my tea.

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