Friday, 22 July 2011

Misty-eyed over The Mersey

Sitting there, overlooking the murky waters of The Mersey, he remembered when he first met the other band members.

Johnny Drumstick had made a proficient welder, Dave the Rave had married Lucy the Groupie and settled in Carlisle. Vernon had long since up sticks and was gigging in bars ad bordellos across the mid west of America.

Ray surveyed the crashing waves by the Pier Head, took a sip of tepid sweet coffee from his tartan flask and mused to himself, “I’m glad those hangers on went their own way. I’d have never conquered the music business with them around.”

This was inspired by the 100 Word Challenge prompt above from Julia at The Heads Office.  

See more at this fabulous blog. And don't forget to have a look at previous weeks entrants who have mainly been schoool age.

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