Friday, 22 July 2011

One more step along the world I go.

If I said Cliff Richard, what time of the year would you think about? If I mentioned "We Are The Champions" by Queen does it evoke memories of a sporting event? And of course everyone has their own songs that bring back that special or sad time in their life.

But I'm sure that if research was done to find out which was the most sang song this week, this one would be in the top ten.

It will have been sung in countless Year 6 leaving assemblies this week as the oldest children in the school become the little ones all over again.

My eldest sang it in her assembly too. She is in Year 2 and is moving from an Infant to a Junior school. She has spent 4 and a half years there from Nursery. to be perfectly honest, I think her transition from Infants to Juniors is affecting me more than her.

It's probably because, being a parent governor at her infant school, I understand that there is a difference between the two schools. New headteacher, new staff, possibly new ethos and atmosphere, I' am heading into the unknown as far as her education is concerned. I have had some dealings with the junior head. I supported them through their FMSIS accreditation (don't look it up, it doesn't exist any more) and we share a Children's Centre which I am also on the governing body of. I know that the two schools do work well together and the transition has been carefully planned (although I did miss the parent information evening due to a mix up on dates between the two schools literature).

She of course, has had a new teacher at the start of every year but has always had the same class friends, and as she goes up into the juniors, this class will stay the same. there maybe one or two new faces, but essentially, the majority of people she will be seeing in her new school are the same as the old. The two schools share one site and some facilities (canteen, outdoor sports area etc) so it isn't a daunting prospect for her.

 This end of an era coincides with the end of my term of office as a governor of the school. I am eligible for election for a second term as my youngest is still a pupil there (and is being supported fantastically by them as well). But it does make me question about whether I should move on too. A thought I am having about many things, particularly professionally, at the moment. Maybe that is why this end of term is such a big moment in my life, even if it isn't a big deal for mini me 1.

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